cinematic ambient spacerock world fusion This site is a work in progress, so bear with us as we add new things to/fiddle with it every few weeks. Latest addition is the cover art for "overfulnoisecascade" and links via the "news" section to all of Mike Dickson's solo albums. We have streaming MP3s, both full tunes and snippets, available here for you to check out (see "music"). All 18 tunes from both of our official releases are represented here. The 2004 release "Soundtracks For Imaginary Movies" and the 2007 release "Codetalkers". Test drive the music here, or visit our CD Baby page (see "buy"). Hear us and other excellent creative artists any time you like on the web at Last.FM (see "links"). We will see you soon (summer 2010) with the next Systems Theory album, "overfulnoisecascade". We are also slowly dealing with compositions intended for a possible 4th Systems Theory album in 2011. Whether we call ourselves Systems Theory or something else remains to be seen. The album cover for "overfulnoisecascade" by Jen Zatoth Williams, riffing on the classic "His Master's Voice" image, is to the right. Between "Codetalkers" and the release of "overfulnoisecascade" there have been new solo albums by Mike Dickson (several, go to his website), and Greg Amov (also go to Mike's website). Despite complications, a new Cyndee Lee Rule release will be along summer 2010. (see "links" for both websites). The two album covers below are both by Paul Whitehead. They are "Soundtracks For Imaginary Movies" and "Codetalkers". Of course Paul's paintings have different names, but that's how we think of them.