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Systems Theory: News

Closing the guest book - March 9, 2016

It got to be such a hassle to keep it clean of spam so the guest book is now gone for good. If you want to get in touch send an email to or I will answer, or forward you onto Mike Dickson. Thanks for understanding.

Get Mike Dickson's solo albums as free downloads - March 11, 2010

Mike has been very prolific outside of Systems Theory. All of his albums can be had at his site. Either as downloads or (in the case of a couple of special projects) as audio streams.

"Six Consequences" (2007 Plasterworthy Music):
"Domus" (2007 Plasterworthy Music):
"Honfleur" (2008 Plasterworthy Music):
"In Exclesis" (2008 Plasterworthy Music):
"mellotronworks" (2008-09 Plasterworthy Music):
"Breviary" (2007-09 Plasterworthy Music):
"Oddzial" (2009 Plasterworthy Music):

Getting back on track with music in 2010 - February 15, 2010

First item on the agenda is getting "overfulnoisecascade" out the door. Second will be looking at all the in-progress material to see what might constitute tunes for a Systems Theory release. There was a half-dozen tunes written by Steven that had gone to Greg a few years ago, and since on to Mike. And there's another dozen written by Steven that had gone to Greg and got no further. So perhaps when the best 70-80 mins of that music percolates to the top there might be a final Systems Theory release. There is also the new Cyndee Lee Rule project to complete for the summer. Beyond that who knows what we might do musically.

Greg Amov's OOP solo albums available for download - November 6, 2009

In memory of our departed bandmate, Mike Dickson is hosting the MP3s and jpegs of all three of Greg's solo albums. His first two (currently OOP), "The Dark Within The Dark" and "Gecko Highway", and his latest, which we couldn't get ready for release before he died, "The Noble Gases".

At some point in 2010 SDM will get all three of these albums back into print as CDs through CD Baby, as part of a larger effort to make available all of Gregory's music, but for now this will allow people to experience his creativity for free.

"The Dark With The Dark" (2001 Independent Records USA):
"Gecko Highway" (2005 Independent Records USA):
"The Noble Gases" (20009 Independent Records USA):

Gregory Michael Amov, 1959-2009, RIP - November 4, 2009

It is with regret, but also relief, that I pass on that Systems Theory band-member, long-time Multi-Value/dbms programmer and computer teacher Greg Amov died at 9:10PM November 3rd after a hard few months battling cancer for the second time. Some of you may recall that he had esophageal cancer three years ago. Eventually it came back, became systemic, and it was the cancer that had spread to his brain that took him away from us.

Amidst the turmoil and sorrow of his death, I'd like to say that it was very peaceful and quiet at his end, which was a relief after all the physical struggle of the last few weeks. It was clear to everyone around him during the afternoon that it would be sometime that night, so his family convened to be with him. His wife was at his side when the final breath was taken.

I do not yet know exactly what sort of memorial there will be, or when / where it will be held. But something appropriate to Greg's life and beliefs will be organized soon. I will pass on that information when I have it.

Thanks to all that contacted the family through me and through Systems Theory to express hope, support, sympathy, wishes for a speeding passing, etc. That various branches of the progressive music community, and those that he worked with closely on recent programming projects, had been in touch with me meant a great a deal to Greg. Hundreds of emails, text messages and comments were posted to various forums in his final weeks, and that he was so well-regarded and admired means a great deal to me personally as his best friend of 32 years.

In the midst of the sadness of his passing, let me add a bright note. I have gained access to Greg's pair of music computers (named "Fripp" and "Eno" after two stellar musicians he admired). Everything that I could have hoped to find musically was there -- the masters for his two OOP CDs were there, plus several unreleased completed projects, some long-forgotten projects, and new tunes earmarked for both solo, Systems Theory and ViolinCyndee. So there will be new music under his name in the next year or so, as well as the re-release of the wonderful "The Dark Within The Dark" (2001) and "Gecko Highway" (2005) albums.

Gregory Michael Amov, b. Nov 6th 1959, d. Nov 3rd 2009, RIP.
Sic transit gloria mundi.

Greg Amov begins at home hospice care - October 28, 2009

On Oct 27th the palliative care MD authorized at home hospice care for Greg after consulting with the oncology department at USC county general hospital. He will get a scheduled weekly visit from the hospice nurse and twice a week visits from hospice care to help Diane Amov with taking care of Greg. 24/7 access to a full range of support staff is a phone call away. From this point out it's just a question of time, as Greg's pain meds will need to be increased steadily to help him cope with his cancer. At some point it will be too much for him to deal with and he will leave us. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later. Five weeks of pain meds have been authorized as part of his hospice care, but given the amount of pain he's in and how cognitively disconnected he is much of the time, he's not expected to live much beyond his 50th birthday (Nov 6th).

Artwork in progress for new Greg Amov solo album - October 20, 2009

Trevor Davies-Morris will be providing the album cover for Greg's 3rd solo CD, "The Noble Gases". The album has sat in limbo for 15 months since it was final mixed by Steven Davies-Morris. It will be released on Greg's 50th birthday (Nov 6th). The album will initially be a download, with print-on-demand CD-R being available through CD Baby ASAP.

"overfulnoisecascade" release date set - October 19, 2009

The new Systems Theory album will be released on Greg Amov's 50th birthday (Nov 6th). It will initially be a download, with print-on-demand CD-R through CD Baby ASAP.

Greg Amov to have radiation - October 6, 2009

On Thursday of this week the LAC+USC oncology team will meet with Greg and his palliative care MD. On the table is a short course of targeted radiation aimed at reducing the size of the frontal lobe tumors to retard their growth and help manage his symptoms. It should be stressed that this is at best a temporary aide, and Greg's cancer is terminal.

Greg Amov has brain surgery - October 2, 2009

Last Tuesday (Sep 28th) Greg Amov had surgery to clear spinal fluid blockages and relieve pressure in his head. This came after three days on a steroid to reduce the cancer-driven swelling in his head that had almost killed him.

If all goes well, Greg will be released later today to go home from LAC+USC county general hospital. He will be evaluated next week to determine if palliative radiation therapy might alleviate some of his symptoms and retard the growth of the cancer.

With the knowledge that this is a terminal condition, Greg and Steven plan on working rapidly to catalog all the solo material available for future Greg Amov solo albums, and see what Systems Theory material he was working on is ready to be passed over to Mike Dickson.

SDM in London / "overfulnoisecascade" update - October 1, 2009

Steven and his brother Gareth will be in the UK to catch the Mott the Hoople reformation in London (Oct 2-7th). While there Steven will be working on the final mixes for "overfulnoisecascade". It will be released sometime in the second half of Oct 2009.

Greg Amov is in intensive care - September 25, 2009

Greg went to USC county general this morning with extreme disorientation and headaches caused by the swelling from his brain cancer and the sleeping pills he was taking. He is currently in a very dangerous situation being given medication to reduce the brain swelling, and morphine for his pain. His family is gathering just in case the worst happens this weekend.

Greg Amov is ill again - September 10, 2009

At the end of August Greg was officially diagnosed with cancer again. He spent 11 days in USC County General Hospital being evaluated. He has undergone catscans, MRIs, poking, prodding, and now will begin chemo & other treatments. While this is going on we will get "overfulnoisecascade" out the door. And as he fights for his life against his second bout of cancer, we will put the pedal to the floor to work on converting the candidates Steven has produced for a 4th Systems Theory album into the real deal. Simultaneously Steven will oversee getting Greg's 3rd and 4th solo albums into release. Please keep Greg in your hearts and thoughts, and (if it's your thing) in your prayers.

"overfulnoisecascade" almost ready for release - May 31, 2009

Two things have been holding this up since last year. Getting the final versions of the tunes mixed and getting artwork. If all goes well then this will see the light of day over the upcoming school summer holidays.

MP3s of both "SFIM" and "Codetalkers" now available here - March 30, 2008

Stream them in high grade mP3 (broadband) or lower grade (modem). Or check out a 60 second clip from each tune.

Both "SFIM" & "Codetalkers" now on Last.FM streaming service - March 25, 2008 is where you can go to listen to both of these albums in decent quality sound.

Release of the 2007 album "Codetalkers" as a free download - March 21, 2008

We have decided to make available an ISO image of the CD + the artwork inserts in jpeg format. Totally free, no catches.
It's being hosted at Mike Dickson's website. Go here to read more about it, and get the download:

"Codetalkers" finally available - December 31, 2007

It took forever to get his album released. Many false starts. It could have been out in 2006. But better late than never. It is finally done, and we think the wait is worth it. It is our intention to put it up on the web as a "free" download. It will be in ISO image format with all the artwork as jpegs. Anyone that wants a copy and will do a but of legwork can get it for the princely sum of $0. Otherwise it will be available from the band or from CD Baby on high-grade CD-R (i.e. Yaiyo-Yudan / Fuji / Mitsui), if you don't want to go the download/torrent route of acquisition.

Greg Amov health update - October 20, 2006

Greg is out of the hospital, back at home, and on the road to recovery. He can walk around his garden using a cane, and has regained his sense of humor. He may even start back to work a couple of part-time days a week come November.

Greg Amov is very ill - September 22, 2006

We've kept things under our hats for a while, but it's time to say that Greg has recently had surgery to remove a cancerous tumour in his esophagus. It was detected early, and the surgery was done at USC in Los Angeles. We're hopeful of a full recovery. It's going slow, which is driving Greg up the wall, but he is on the mend and should be home by the end of the month. Look for a new solo album from him in early 2007.

"Codetalkers" almost ready for release - April 20, 2006

Paul Whitehead, who did the artwork for "Soundtracks For Imaginary Movies" (and a slew of famous albums) is working on the album art. Steven is working on the final mixes. We expect to announce the album sometime in August.

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